Discover what makes Inframent the right tool for fibre optic cable infrastructure construction:

"Precision, Simplified: Boosting Smartphone GNSS, No Extra Gear Required!"

What is Inframent?

Bridging the Market Gap

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, there exists a significant yet often overlooked gap: the need for precise location accuracy in dynamic environments. At Inframent, we recognized this void while observing the rapid and intricate processes at a typical construction site for fibre optic cable installation.

The Challenge at Construction Sites

Construction sites, especially those involved in laying fibre optic cables, operate under tight deadlines and require meticulous accuracy. During our field observations, it became apparent that the existing hardware and software tools were not only inefficient but also required excessive manpower. Teams had to record crucial data manually while trenches were open, a process fraught with potential for errors and inefficiencies.

Our Partnership with ESA BIC Noordwijk

To address these challenges head-on, we collaborated with ESA BIC Noordwijk, harnessing their expertise in spatial and location technologies. Our goal was clear: develop a tailored surveying tool that transforms smartphones into powerful data-gathering devices at construction sites.

Inframent's Solution

Our innovative solution leverages the ubiquity and sophistication of smartphones, equipping them with advanced surveying capabilities that ensure high precision and ease of use. This approach not only streamlines data collection but also significantly reduces the manpower needed to capture accurate location data in real-time, thereby minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.

The Future of Construction Site Management

Inframent is not just a tool; it's a game-changer in the construction and telecommunications industries. By integrating cutting-edge technology with practical, user-friendly interfaces, we are setting new standards for accuracy and efficiency in field operations.


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