Discover what makes Inframent the right tool for fibre optic cable infrastructure construction:

"Precision, Simplified: Boosting Smartphone GNSS, No Extra Gear Required!"

Record with a Snap, find with Ease:

Documenting locations of underground infrastructure is as easy as snapping a picture with your phone using the Inframent app. With a quick click, capture detailed images of the construction site, ensuring that every inch is accounted for. No need for complicated equipment or extensive training - simply use your smartphone to record critical data effortlessly. 

Real-time overview:

As soon as a picture is taken at the construction site, you can see it on a map in the office. Experience the power of real-time information at your fingertips. Inframent provides an immediate overview of the construction site, allowing you to monitor progress without being physically present. Keep on top of what happens at the site, whether you are in the office or on the go. Stay informed, make decisions promptly, and enhance efficiency with our intuitive mapping system. 

Seamless information flow:

With Inframent, information flows seamlessly, ensuring smooth communication and effective collaboration among team members. Get a quick understanding of site conditions by examining the details of each picture taken. Zoom in, analyze, and strategize based on clear, high-resolution images. Construction workers can leave notes directly on the pictures, enhancing communication and preventing misunderstandings. This collaborative approach fosters a more productive and informed working environment, where everyone is on the same page.

Inframent changes the way you approach fibre optic cable infrastructure construction. Embrace the ease of documentation, the power of real-time insights, and the efficiency of seamless information flow. Experience construction management like never before – effortless, informed, and always a step ahead with Inframent.

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